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Life in the Fast Lane 2017  Mixed Media on Canvas

Speed Racer is never far behind. Latest piece in a long-line of  related works.

See Nostalgia Collection.

Tales of Twenty-two

Remembrance 2012-13 24x36" mixed media painting on wood panel.

Tales of Twenty-two is a series within the body of work known as The Harriet’s Secret Collection. The collection is a tribute to my late-mother’s legacy of love; utilizing visions from reoccurring dreams, childhood memories as well as findings from her passing in an effort to create a visual biography.  Works, as with “Remembrance”, symbolically utilize the number and the not-so-subtle coincidences surrounding it’s reoccurrence in an effort to pay tribute to the 22 stories shared by my mother and I.


Click on image to learn more about 22.

The Nostalgia Collection

Several years ago,  I began to utilze images that represent my childhood.  Never knowing that it would lead me in an entirely new visual direction.   Three years later Speed Racer is still the driving force that continues to power me along.  Mach 5 speed my friends! 

He Lives 2, 2017 ( Mixed Media on a 32"x48" canvas.)

He Lives 2, (Boba Fett 17 seen here)  is an extention of the ever-growing body of work known as "The Nostalgia Collection; a series of paintings as well as assemblages which reflect on a time when movies were only seen in a theather. 


This is the era before the seemingly endless choices available today. The images I utilize pay homage to this time, (my child-hood)  These are my memories - my nostalgia.

For more information email Wilsonart22@gmail.com or call 786.382.4601

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The number twenty-two is a symbol of my belief in destiny and fate. They are the beacons of light illuminating my path; the bread crumbs on my yellow brick road, always leading me home.
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The Union Wall

Mural Curated by Derek Wilson

Extremely proud of the efforts of all artists on the locals only wall ( TheUnion ) at Lincoln's Beard Brewing; in the heart of the Bird Road Art District. Visit @mr.wilsonart on Instagram for more detials.

Big Thank you my Mother; may she rest in peace. You meet the nicest people at Florida SuperCon. Click on image for details.
Wilson with wife and muse, Rebeca Wilson at the Harriet's Secret Exhibit in the MANO Fine Art Project Space. Circa 2012
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